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Is lighthouse FRP grating better than steel grating?

Is lighthouse FRP grating better than steel grating?

For many, steel is the grating material of choice because of its low upfront cost. But is it really worth the money? Is there a better material than steel? Fiberglass gratings are better than steel gratings in most ways. In fact, compared to steel, the same fiberglass as steel is not only lighter but also resistant to corrosion while maintaining the same strength for a fraction of the price. When it comes to the advantages of fiberglass gratings over steel gratings, this has to be introduced.

Advantages of FRP grating:

1. Strength

In terms of strength, fiberglass grating is comparable to steel. Pultruded fiberglass grating does increase strength, but it brings benefits that steel cannot match. For example, while fiberglass grating is rigid, it is a more flexible material than steel. This flexibility gives it a higher impact resistance than steel. While the impact could damage or dent the steel, an impact of equal intensity will not cause any damage to the fiberglass grating. This is due to a special gel coat that makes the glass fibers stiffer depending on the application in which they are produced. This gel coat has the added benefit of adding properties such as corrosion resistance, increased traction and other ISO standard requirements.

Advantages of FRP grating

2. Safety

In the workplace, safety is important. Fiberglass is a safer material than steel in several key ways. First, the material is non-slip, which means it's designed to prevent slipping or slipping. Also, it can increase the traction of the texture. As a metal, steel is more prone to slipping or slipping in wet environments.

Fiberglass grating is also safer than steel because it does not conduct electricity. The fact that steel easily conducts electricity can be a great danger to workers. Because FRP is non-conductive and does not require grounding, it is suitable for many electrical hazardous workplaces, such as power plants and other areas with high voltage problems.

As mentioned earlier, the flexibility of fiberglass also gives it another advantage over steel; softer underfoot. The hardness of steel can cause foot and back problems for workers, especially those who need to stand for long periods of time. Fiberglass is easier to wear on the feet, which can reduce worker fatigue and improve work efficiency.

Glass fiber also has excellent performance as an insulator with low thermal conductivity. Where metal and steel transfer heat, which can be a dangerous workplace, fiberglass stays cool regardless of the surrounding environment.

Radio interference can also affect safety. In many workplaces where radio communications are used to coordinate large-scale operations, radio interference can cause serious accidents. Unlike steel, fiberglass does not interfere with radio waves or any electronic signals. This means it can be used in environments where steel interferes frequently, creating a potential safety hazard.

3. Durability

Compared with steel, the biggest advantage of fiberglass is durability. This is especially true in chemical or aquatic applications. Steel rusts, aluminum reacts, and wood rots and is susceptible to termites, but FRP is resistant to water, corrosive chemicals, and insects. It should also be noted that in order to be used in certain environments, steel requires additional galvanizing or special coating costs, which adds to its overall cost and maintenance.

Whether it's chemical exposure, salt water exposure, or extreme weather conditions, FRP products outperform steel every time. Compared to steel, FRP is more resistant to rust, has a longer lifespan, and does not need to be replaced as often as steel. Even in harsher conditions, fiberglass has been proven for decades. In this case, depending on the level of corrosion, the steel may need to be replaced every 3-5 years or at least refinished and repainted. These maintenance costs add up to quickly eat into your operating expenses.
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